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Started by socialreger, Sep 07, 2022, 10:20 AM

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Please tell me who knows. There is a .info domain name at GoDaddy. Registration expires in a week, I would like to transfer it to another registrar and extend it normally, but as I understand it, it won't work, and I can't understand anything with the transfer, where is there what to transfer and most importantly to whom? Help please. Thank you very much.


You can transfer it to anyone.
1. Send yourself an authorization code from domain settings
2. Initiate a transfer request from the receiving registrar.
3. Confirm the transfer.
Everything is as usual.

You can use the Domain Manager ( ) to speed up the transfer process. There, go to Domains -> Pending Transfer and accept the transfer-out. It's not necessary, but it will be much faster.
And so, confirm the transfer by clicking on the link from the letter from the new registrar. It comes to the mail from the administrative contact of the domain name.