Drop Catching .IT domain names

Started by Austin, Jun 21, 2022, 02:49 AM

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Hello all!

Would you happen to know of any places where I can release .it domains or take part in auctions for expired ones?


I'm aware that Catched provides a service for backordering .it domains. While there may be other alternative options, Catched is the only one I'm currently familiar with.
However, I'm uncertain about whether they offer a trustee service akin to what 101domains provides in case you don't have any associations with Italy or happen to be an Italian citizen.


There's a fascinating web service called webdomainservice.net that helps locate abandoned domains. While I have encountered similar resources before, their functionality was considerably limited and they hardly had any domain suggestions. This service appears to involve a lot of work and generates a list of hundreds of thousands of domain names every day. Users can select according to their specific criteria.

It's worth noting that the service not only provides information on dropped domain names but also on those that could be registered without resetting the registration date. These domains are available at Godaddy.com, Snapnames.com, and Pool.com auctions. The auction sections are my preferred option since it is now nearly impossible to intercept a completely vacated domain name due to market giants and industry professionals.

Additionally, domains that possess undefined registration dates are typically valued much higher by search engines and earn a considerable amount when selling articles or links from them. Such domains are less likely to be flagged by PS filters, allowing users to start earning much faster right after creating their website.