They demand to sell my domain for cheap

Started by Hemanth malli, Jul 06, 2022, 09:07 AM

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Hemanth malliTopic starter

Hi for all!

I bought a domain in 2017 for 2k$.
In .com, good name for a project. The domain itself was registered in 2001.

Some Pole from Germany registered a trademark in Germany in 2019 and demands to give up the domain or sell it for $150-300. He threatens to sue, apparently through ICANN (or is it possible to sue in Germany?).

I am not from Germany. I do not plan to do anything in Germany. I plan for Canada, India, Arab countries.

Can the domain be taken away? The previous owner made a site on it in 2010-2014, preserved in the archive. But then it was parked, not used in any way. Can the fact that the domain was parked be classified as "bad faith"?


If he has an international TM, in theory he can take away it via udrp.
The fact of parking, offers of sale - of course, this is good for owner of TM.
I would tell he, that for him personally the price has been doubled. Or to ignore and eternal ban.


You are trying in vain to pull some legal concepts from the real right to domain names. If the domain were property, then the stolen domain name would certainly be subject to a claim from a "bona fide buyer", since it has individual properties.

But a domain name is not a property. Domain management is carried out on the basis of a service agreement, therefore, the claim of domains is determined not by property law, but by the rules of registrars.
That's actually what you need to look at these rules. Therefore, when making claims and responses to claims, check with the rules, and not with the civil codes of different countries.