What to do with a drop domain?

Started by Charlesth, Jul 26, 2022, 12:26 AM

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CharlesthTopic starter

 I read that it is desirable to launch a website with a drop domain  with old content taken from the webarchive. Track the trend, whether visitors return. Is this true?

 How usable should the recovered content be? I restored the content, but some pictures are missing, etc. How to be? Just do a redirect to the main one, it only matters that the URL is there, which is referred to?

 Working on related topics. How good is that? There is a drop for "staging a wedding dance in NY". I want to leave the topic "Wedding" as a section, and promote it on the topic "relationships", etc. How right is this?


If there is no image, then there should be just a broken picture that needs to be restored or replaced. Why redirect it somewhere?
If you are talking about broken weblinks, then check the link profile, which pages the site has incoming pages. If there are missing webpages, then it is better to redirect. For a similar one on request. If there isn't one, go to the main page.

And the rest, you need to check the drop according to history. Wayback archive (what was there), according to the link profile.


Advantages of abandoned domain names:
Buying a website with a long history, it is possible to get a resource with indicators that allow you to start immediate monetization and passive profit by trading links. The positive properties of drops are expressed in the following:
perhaps the domain name is listed in the search engine catalog, which means that search engines are loyal to it and will provide indexing of pages.;
it is possible that the domain name retains numerous backlinks and reputation, which indicates a potentially large number of backlinks to the site and attractive citation indicators.;
storing the content of the resource in a web archive, favors the restoration and preservation of the content, if it is complete, or finding out the reason for the drop, which may have consisted in poor content.

Cons of abandoned domains:
The reason for the oblivion of the Internet resource may have been trivial, for instance, loss of interest in the project or not extended use of the domain in time, or objectively justified, and then the situation is much more complicated, namely:
perhaps the domain is listed under search engine filters, which is unpleasant, but reversible if we are talking about Yandex and difficult to do in an identical situation with Google;
there is a high probability that the domain name indicators will turn out to be "glue" from a third-party project, which means that the claimed citation indexes are not valid, since there are no confirmed backlinks to the resource, which means that the site does not differ from the one launched from scratch;
a negative domain name history, for instance, use in illegal fraud, causes a ban, consisting in a lifetime refusal the resource needs the loyalty of search engines, which means you can forget about the monetization of the website.