Drop Catching .IT domains

Started by Austin, Jun 21, 2022, 02:49 AM

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AustinTopic starter

Hi everyone!

Do you know where can I drop catch .it domains or to participate in expired auctions?


I know you can backorder .it domains on Catched. I'm sure there are a couple of smaller places, but that's the one that I know for sure does it.
Not sure if they offer a trustee service though, like 101domains, if you're not an Italian citizen or have any business connections to the country.


an interesting service for finding vacated domains webdomainservice.net . Of course, I have met similar resources before, but their functionality was very limited and, more importantly, the number of domains provided was extremely low.
Here, apparently, the guys are doing a lot of work and every day a list of hundreds of thousands of domain names is ready from which you can choose something for yourself in accordance with personal criteria.

It is worth noting that the service provides data not only about drop domain names , but also about those that can be registered without resetting the registration date. These are the domains that are presented at auctions Godaddy.com , Snapnames.com and Pool.com . For me, these sections are the main ones and I prefer to participate in auctions because firstly, nowadays it is almost impossible to intercept a completely vacated domain name on my own due to the presence of real giants and professionals in the field of interception on the market.
Secondly, domains with an undefined registration date are usually valued much higher both in the eyes of search engines and when selling articles or links from them. The domain name is much more likely to avoid filters and sanctions from the PS and allows you to start earning much faster, almost immediately after the creation of the website.