How to set up 2 nameservers from the same domain?

Started by Inetscope, Jul 19, 2022, 11:30 PM

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InetscopeTopic starter


Here's what is needed:
There are two servers. There is one domain.
Name servers for the first one are already configured, like

For the second server, I need to configure the name servers for the same domain, that is

must park domains on the first server,
respectively for the second.

Is it possible?


DNS points to the server IP. It's like this: instead of a DNS pair, it says "IP of the server to look at" to the value of the "A-name record" field.

Here is a technology that, which will allow you to add one domain to two servers -

2 servers located in the basement or 2 servers rented from the host is another. The server has at least an OS, and a program / role (in Windows case) to work with DNS.
in the second case, it's better to contact the hosting provider, sometimes smart things are suggested there.

Roger Dave

We have: domain , a vds server on linux with two ip addresses (on the same interface if important) and the task of assigning names to different hosts within , well, like third-level domains, only A-records.
There are many clients of the same type and a self-written management system for them, and you need to store client hosts, but it is much more convenient to give them names

I raised bind, configured it for MySQL, but it doesn't matter, I'll figure it out. The registrar offers me to specify for the domain name:
— two ns servers (name) and two ip addresses (if the ns servers are from the same domain for which we are doing bind).

It turns out I'm coming up with , , I indicate next to them the ip addresses on my server (where the bind will be) and everything else is already the settings on the bind server?
Specify the A-record , compare with and ping will go ?