How to transfer a domain to another registrar?

Started by Fan_Tema, Jul 23, 2022, 01:16 AM

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Fan_TemaTopic starter

Good day!
Tell me please, there is a domain name .com
Bought and renewed earlier from a registrar.

Now there is another one year renewal.
I want to transfer everything to other registrar.
How to do it correctly so that the domain is not lost at the time of the transition and no one outbid it?
One option is to wait for the end date and buy elsewhere, but someone can get it. How to avoid it?



1. At your domain registrar, you unlock domain name in the transfer of rights to the domain section.
2. You go to the registrar where you want to drag your domain, look for the button to transfer the domain and paste the code received when the domain was unlocked.
3. Wait a couple of days