How to use existing domains?

Started by BrettUK, Jul 24, 2022, 12:29 AM

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BrettUKTopic starter

Help me solve this problem: There are several domains not tied to sites.
All are different age (if that matters). So the question is: how can domains be used without creating websites, blogs, etc. specifically if there is no desire to sell domains yet.
Domains hang around idle, it would be necessary to attach them.


I know that some businesses buy multiple domains on purpose (say if there is a frequent typo, or in different zones) and they all redirect to the main website. But these are huge businesses, which, perhaps, think someday to have different sites in different domain zones, but are still immature.

In your situation - again, I'm not an expert at all - it makes sense to place a stub (one page with minimal text). If you don't want to pay for hosting just to do this, make one-pages on some free sites like BlogSpot or WordPress and link a domain name to them.