Transferring a domain name? Get ready for trouble

Started by kaufenpreis, Jul 28, 2022, 04:04 AM

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I am writing this post rather as a warning so that newcomers do not step on a well-known rake, to show how it sometimes occurs, and as a request to comment on the situation of more experienced colleagues.

Usually, transferring a domain does not cause any difficulties and is well described in the documentation of registrars. I personally transferred more than some  dozen domains between different registrars and all was without overlap. But according to the law of meanness, when transferring the domain of my largest project, I received many new impressions and downtime of the service in a few days (!).

To immediately have specifics for whois checks and other things: the domain was transferred from the old Godaddy registrar to the new Internetbs.

Transferring a domain between registrars is not a difficult task, and it is done quickly if you give confirmation to both by hand, but this time something went wrong. After the transfer was confirmed by both registrars, the WHOIS domain became under the control of Internetbs, but stuck in the "transferPeriod" status. GoDaddy has removed the domain DNS record from its NS servers, but WHOIS NS servers are still listed by Godaddy. It is not difficult to guess that after an hour or two, when the DNS cache expired, and records about the domain flew out of it, user browsers stopped opening the website and all that is its subdomains.


Well, then it's time to communicate with those. support. Internetbs has an on-line chat, where the situation was first described. The Internetbs employee assured that there was nothing they could do as the host, and that Godaddy could complete the transfer manually in a matter of minutes, then all values  \u200b\u200bcould be changed.

Ok, since the on-line chat on the GoDaddy website was not working, they wrote a letter, and I sat down to figure out how this occurred. After several hours with no answer, I waited until the start of the working day at 9 am (fortunately it did not last long) called Godaddy. An employee of Godaddy said that the domain was gone from them, they can no longer make any changes, speed up the process too. See WHOIS, there is a new registrar already, the problem is on their side.

Then there was many  correspondence and calls, I won't describe all, but the point is that each registrar said that the delay was not his fault, seek appropriate action from the other registrar. In Godaddy, we managed to get a support conversation with the administrators, but to no avail, in Internetbs, any efforts to get a technical justification for the current situation, as well as 2 attempts to get in touch with the management, were unsuccessful.

The proposal to issue all the necessary access to communicate with Godaddy and jointly solve the problem was also ignored. Confirm the transfer with Godaddy, or wait a few days. Godaddy stands on its own, that they can't do anything, the domain has already gone and they have no rights and opportunities to change or speed up anything. Well, and so on in a circle.

Alternative Solutions

Ok, but the domain has valid Godaddy NS servers, why not add the domain data there before the transfer is completed? Even so, why delete this data from the NS servers before the transfer is complete? Apparently, this is Godaddy's policy, no regular means of adding records were found, support after contacting the admins notified that they could not do anything. As I understand it, they rather do not want to get into the automated system with their hands than they cannot. Customer focus, yes. One way or another, and here the refusal.

Okay, but since the domain is already under the control of Internetbs, maybe you can specify other NS servers there, where to register the necessary records? Again, a bummer, Internetbs says no changes can be made while the domain is in "transferPeriod" status. In further efforts to solve the problem, I am now trying to go one level higher, I already wrote tldregistrarsolutions, but there are no answers yet.

Wise veteran admins say that it's not feng shui to use the registrar's DNS at all, you need to either have a third-party service or keep your own NS servers. Yes, that makes sense, thanks. Although I have already encountered DNS problems with services, nothing pleasant. If I knew where to lay it, I would lay it) Yes, and before this case, not the first dozen domains had been transferred, somehow I did not expect a dirty trick from this side, you can deservedly accuse me of curvature.

A moment of humor from Godaddy

Separately, after all this analysis, I delivered a response from Godaddy support, remember the very first letter? It was answered the same) True, the answer was literally the following:

    All codes are entered correctly, there are confirmations, the domain transfer process has been successfully completed, no further actions are required.

It's just an ancient evil of the first line of support who has awakened, who found the letter and tried to answer. After 14 hours from the start of the debriefing, this was already perceived as a kind of humor.

What is the result?

The website, forum and all on subdomains are unavailable to users for the second day. So far no solution to the problem is in sight. After about 4 days, one way or another, the domain should be successfully transferred, but such a downtime period is a complete furry polar animal.

So if you have any propositions or interesting thoughts on how you can speed up the process, feel free to share.
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DNS is such a item that if it breaks, then everything will fall.
So for the future, I suggest you to be doubly careful when dealing with DNS and not rely only on past successful experience.

And, in fact, it's time to think that the trouble may lie in wait not only with DNS.
The saying "admins are divided into those who have not yet made backups and those who already do" can be expanded to this form: "admins are divided into those who have not stepped on %rakename% yet and those who have already."

Ask yourself more often "what will happen if some item goes wrong", and spread the straw if something bad arises.


What services transport their domains to?
Beget: register, go to the section "Domains and subdomains" → transfer to Beget.
In the field that opens, enter the address without the protocol, click next and pass the Auth code. Beget is one of the cheapest services, but it is limited in the number of serviced zones.
Google Domains: log in, click transfer, fill in the domain and send. Next, insert the authorization code. The remaining steps are intuitive: fill in the data for import and registration settings.

Less popular cheap registrars:
Sprinthost . You can transfer and attach the domain name to their servers. In international zones, the domain is extended for a year before the transfer. The transfer itself is free, the cost of renewal is acceptable.
NAME.COM — the company is registered in the USA, no statements about blocking and restrictions of services have been made. After the transfer, the domain is renewed for free.
Porkbun is another service from the USA. They are not going to block anyone. Some of the zones are extended for free.