What is the best place to backorder domains?

Started by socialreger, Jun 21, 2022, 02:47 AM

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socialregerTopic starter

Where would you recomand i put my backorders if i want to secure a domain?


dropcatch / snapnames if you dont order by both and its a semi good name you will not get the name possibly


Please explain about the "Domain Broker" service. The registrar's site states that it "will act as a guarantor and assist in organizing a secure transaction at an agreed price." I open an offer "for the conclusion of agency agreements "Domain Broker"". There, in paragraphs 6.1.1 - 6.1.9, the path of the domain from the seller to the buyer is shown. Up to this point, everything is clear. And then in paragraph 6.1.7 it is said that the Principal transfers to the seller's bank account. Surprised that the Principal pays directly, and not to the account of the registrar? And how, in this case, will the Agent keep his remuneration if the payment passes him by? This is not quite understood.

The question is caused by the fact that you want to conveniently sell domains (registered through the service) without leaving the cash register, i.e. without taking them out of your registrar. Is it possible to make sure that the buyer does not pay directly to the seller, but pays the registrar, and the registrar has already transferred the money to the seller minus his commission? Simply, if the buyer pays directly to the seller, then that entails the need to conclude certain agreements between them.