Attitude of search engines to "unusual" domain zones

Started by halley_pham, Nov 23, 2022, 10:05 AM

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halley_phamTopic starter

Let's say I want to register a domain whose name will be two words - something and info.
What is preferable to choose - or ? Obviously, the first option is easier to remember and shorter, but I'm more interested in traffic from search engines.

Do search engines (in particular, Google) have any preferences for domain zones? In terms of SEO, which domain is better? Is there a difference?


I don't know if the search engines take it into account. But the shorter and more sonorous the domain name, and the closer it is in meaning to the query, the more often it will be clicked by users in the search results.
When you Google, sitting at a powerful desktop with a fast Internet, you can certainly afford to open the first 30 links in 30 tabs without looking.
No one Googles like that on mobile phones.


the domain zone is not only a convenient hint for users, but also a tool that affects the promotion in search engines. So, relevance is important in ranking, and when search engine robots break down queries, the keys take into account not only the contents of Internet pages, descriptions and names, but also the words placed in the domain.

Thus, when a user enters the query "popular blogs" in Google, a site with a domain zone .blog is more likely to get into the first lines of search results than a similar Internet resource with a first-level domain .net.