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Started by vinodkumar, Sep 14, 2022, 02:56 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

How do you assess the prospects of .CLUB domain name zone?
I was going to invest in car brands in that zone, then I saw a message on the forum that they were being selected, I looked and really, there are a lot of free ones.
Also, the question is, who and where registers domain names in that zone?


Domain .CLUB came in second place in the number of registrations among all new common top-level domains.
As of yesterday, the number of registrations in it has reached 356,821, with reference to the CC of the national Internet domain . Thus, .CLUB bypassed the city domain name of the German capital .BERLIN, where 255,123 registrations were recorded at the same time.
Cool zone, but themed. I got stuck - I wanted to register blood from my nose there at least something, in the end I took paranoid and sell, I wanted the first one for the project (actually I want it now) either trolled or serious, the second one... I just hesitated to choose a name and then it dawned on me.


Coffee Club
The club is not only about music, dancing and events. Why not associate this word with some product? Interestingly, this idea came to mind not to the "coffee" entrepreneur Bill himself, but to the owner of the domain zone. It was decided to register a simple but bright coffee.club domain.
Now it is a well-known site where you can order the best coffee and cakes.

Kitchen Club
Another example of how you can link an "unproductive" domain with a food theme. It's simple — you need to buy a domain like kitchenshop.club and fill the site with high-quality content.
The web resource belongs to a company that sells kitchen products, from window cleaners to household appliances. It's not just a store, it's a club, everyone can join it and get access to favorable discounts.

Sports Club
A club from Kaliningrad uses a domain zone .CLUB, you can say, for its intended purpose. One has only to look at the website address, and everything becomes clear — siriussport.club.
In such cases, the number of non-target users decreases significantly, which means that the company can immediately cooperate with interested customers.

Auto-help Club
And again the Russian project — ru-auto.club. The company could have chosen some traditional domain zone, but then the domain would not have sounded so friendly and responsive.
And so you immediately understand that they will help you here in case of a breakdown on the highway, you just have to call the specialists.

English Learning Club
This is the way to use the domain .CLUB is also familiar and familiar to everyone. And really, why reinvent the wheel? It remains to find a suitable domain name. The company English Club TV Ltd has chosen a short and capacious domain tv-english.club. I
t could have been even shorter, but the name english.club was taken. Needless to say, in traditional domain zones, all short names have been dismantled for a long time, and it simply won't work to find such a successful option?

Bob Bigelou

Not the most promising domain in terms of income from 1 domain. There are tens of thousands of forums (forums) that have names with this domain in the network. Perhaps it will play as an investment option, but so far the trend is not visible - the price is already very low for this domain group ($0.99 per domain). If we talk about registrars, then there are a lot of them. I prefer GoDaddy. It offers a domain for $1 the first year and 21 thereafter.

Jack Call

Not the cheapest niche (zone) for registration. It would seem that from the point of view of resale it has great potential, but from my own experience I will say that everything is not so simple. If even 2-3 years ago you could find thousands of forums and sites with car dealerships, now there are much fewer of them. From this, the price has risen - it is much more difficult to find a free name - most work with abandoned ones. But even so, I recommend purchasing 2 dozen of these names (of course, with a non-gibberish name).