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Started by EJASNathan, Jan 25, 2023, 01:17 AM

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EJASNathanTopic starter

There's a lot of .com domain names created for different projects. Which registrar has the best prices?
So far, the best I've found is $11 (with pennies) per domain. Are there better options?


The base price for a .com domain is $10.85 per year. This is the amount that Verisign, the administrator of the .com zone, charges.
Anything below this cost can be considered sponsored by the registrar. Why would registrars do this? - either attract new customers (and then you need to look at domain renewal prices), or subsidize at the expense of related services (it's already difficult to recommend something without understanding what else you are ready to order)


Unlikely. If $10 is not only registration, but also renewal, then this is a very good offer, less than what the registrar pays to the registry.
Also note if they are not asking for separate money for Private whois / Whois privacy.
Of the well-known and sane registrars with adequate prices, I can advise Porkbun and NameSilo.
If you find something noticeably cheaper than them, then I would advise you to first study what kind of company it is and read reviews about it.

Another option is to wait for Black Friday and register domains as part of the promotions that will be held.
The first year may well come out noticeably cheaper than the market average.