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Started by sam, Sep 28, 2022, 12:03 AM

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I have developed a strategy to create my own physical online store.
Now I do not know how to do it. How to choose a domain name extension.

My questions are:
 If I choose .com or .co
 Will this affect my SEO strategy?
 Do I need to buy all domain name extensions? For instance, my domain is footballmachines . com Now I have to buy football machines all extensions? Like footballmachines . com .org .co, etc.?
I need an expert to guide me.


Extension of the TLD of a certain country. Having a top-level domain with a country code (.cn, .pt, .ca) can help a site rank in that particular country... But this may limit the ranking in the global search.

The more important ranking factors are the following:
    The keyword appears in the top-level domain. The keyword in the domain does not improve SEO as before. But it still acts as a signal about the relevance of the content.

 The keyword as the first word in the domain . A domain name starting with the target keyword has an advantage over sites that don't have it (or if the keyword is in the middle or at the end of the domain name).

 Domain registration period. Google's patent states:

"Valuable (legitimate) domain names are often paid for several years in advance, while doorway (illegitimate) domains are rarely used for more than a year. Thus, the date when the domain registration expires may become a factor in predicting the legitimacy of the domain."

 The keyword in the subdomain . The Moz expert group agrees that a keyword appearing in a subdomain can boost the ranking.

 Domain history. If the site owner has changed or the domain lease period has expired several times, Google can "reset" the site history and exclude links pointing to the domain. In some cases, a domain with a fine transfers the fine to the new owner.

 Domain with an exact hit of the key in the domain . Domains with an exact match may give you a slight advantage. But if a site with such a match is of poor quality, it is vulnerable, as it may fall under the filter.

Well, now it's official: with the launch of Google EMD Update, the exact hit in the domain will no longer be free. It worked well for a long time. A whole industry of tools and resellers of matching domains has appeared. Huge premium prices for good names reached sky-high levels when the "money keyword" came across.

"For quite a long time, a site with an exact match of the key with the domain could enter the TOP 3 in a few days with almost no incoming links. This applied to literally any niche you could dream of.

Domains with exact match (keyword domains)These are, as a rule, domains that exactly match the keyword by which the site wants to compete with others. For example, if a site wants to be ranked by the key [minor weather report] (short-term weather forecast), the domain name with the exact match will be .

For many years it was a "free lunch" for those who are in business, and now the loophole is closed, like others. But instead of complaining about the fact that a free lunch is being taken away, SEO specialists should be grateful that they have eaten well. Google was rather slow to close the loophole, but the cheap way to get traffic disappeared."

Zhoshua Adrian

It doesn't matter which zone you choose .com or .co - they will rank the same, but if you choose an extension with a regional reference (.ro .pl. .rus .ndr, etc.), then Google indexes will start to work a little differently (impressions will increase in a particular country).
There is no such rule that obliges you to buy domain sites with different extensions, however, large portals have such a practice (especially when they purposefully conduct SEO battles with competitors)


Advantages of the domain .co
✓ there are no restrictions for registration, no need to provide documents

✓ instant registration after payment of the application

✓ concise and well remembered

✓ registration is available to individuals and companies

✓ has a semantic content that is understandable anywhere in the world

✓ excellent solution for commercial projects

✓ attracts attention and is popular all over the world, including in world-famous companies

✓ will be able to successfully emphasize any of your ideas

✓ the minimum registration period is 12 months, the maximum is 60 months.

In the domain zone .co domain registration is available only in Latin.