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Started by logosoukignite, Sep 26, 2022, 02:59 AM

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Good time ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to hear your opinion about the prospects of .APP domain zone.
Please do not flood and communicate exclusively on a given topic.

What is the difference between the zone .APP from hundreds of others? But for some reason, it was chosen by crypto projects! Do you think Google threw away $27 million for .app just like that? App is an already established designation of applications. More than 7,200 domains have been registered for priority registration.
Apple and Google are favorites. It seems to me that the zone has prospects.
The keys have already been disassembled on pre-order. Those that remain are exposed at the normal price tag as premiums. Applications are now being cut for all spheres. A full-fledged site cannot perform many of the tasks that applications perform.


google is the world's largest search engine. Do you really think it will not give a serious priority for showing in the search results for its own domain zone for the queries "* app" ? This is the answer about the main value of the domain name.
Well, then, as soon as some real or fake sale appears, the domainers will run to buy this zone by the thousands and for $ 1000+.
App is an established designation specifically for mobile applications.
For desktop, it's completely different - Soft.
It's all about nothing. Another stupidity.
Or rather - who needs to just register for himself what he wants.
No one will buy anything from the domainers.

By the way, I read various articles and recently introduced the phrase "domain tips" in Google. Try typing. And the second place in the search results among MILLIONS of websites is the domain domain.tips and after that there are all sorts of .com Similarly, it may well be with phrases containing "app".
I bought myself a domain name. I made a small website on it. I put it in the top 5 and sold it to some app store for a large sum.


A distinctive feature of domain names .app is that they require the site owners to install an SSL certificate and transfer content over HTTPS.
Google has bought the rights to the domain zone .app in February 2015 for a gigantic sum equal to $25,002,000. This step allowed Google to set its own rules for .app domains – to allow only HTTPS connections.

Formally, the registration of .app domains was opened on May 1 as part of the early access program, when users could "book" an interesting domain for themselves for an additional fee.
Under the early access program, users have registered over 150,000 domain names. Not so long ago , Google opened domain registration .app for the general public.

If you want to get a domain .app for your application or just for personal purposes, you should remember that an SSL certificate is required for it, otherwise users will simply not be able to access your web site.