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Started by ACKET, Aug 15, 2022, 08:36 AM

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Tell me why they call the first-level, second-level, third-level domain?
For instance, let's take this
bar is the domain
foo is the domain

And that the website consists of 4 domains that belong to 4 different organizations?


So that you don't suffer with definitions here, I'll post them from

Domain - an area (branch) of the hierarchical domain name space of the Internet, which is denoted by a unique domain name.

The domain name is the symbolic name of the domain. Must be unique within the same domain. The full name of a domain consists of the names of all the domains it belongs to, separated by dots. For instance, the full name denotes the third-level domain en, which is part of the second-level domain wikipedia, which is part of the org domain, which is part of the root domain. A domain name is used to address Internet nodes and network resources located on them (websites, e-mail servers, other services) in a form convenient for a person.

A domain zone is a collection of domain names of a certain level included in a specific domain. For instance, the zone. includes all third-level domain names in this domain. The term "domain zone" is mainly used in the technical field, when setting up DNS servers (zone maintenance, zone delegation, zone transfer).

Technical aspects of DNS:

By the way, not everyone knows that there is also a domain "." or root domain

Well, a little about the first level (upper)