.MARKETING domains: Are they worth purchasing for a personal brand?

Started by kotowicz, Jun 27, 2022, 10:42 AM

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kotowiczTopic starter

I was reading the forum for quite some time but haven't really found any topics on .marketing domains.

What is the overall consensus on .marketing domains from the personal brand perspective?

Getting a domain with a first name is quite difficult on .com, net etc. But if one is involved in the marketing, alex.marketing, john.marketing, or scott.marketing seems like a perfect fit, imo.

Would love to hear your opinion.


There is basically no resale demand.

If it was an amazing combo like internet.marketing or online.marketing it is worth owning. Outside that, I would pass.
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even those examples using proper names would be vague, because you don't know "what" they are marketing.
there are only a limited number of keywords that actually fit well with the extension.

but if you like, go for it
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