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Started by Mritunjay, Sep 11, 2022, 02:35 AM

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MritunjayTopic starter

Friends, who knows what about the domain zone .market?
I found out by chance, I thought to pick up something for myself, for my internet shop. Unrealistic prices for premium domain names, reach up to $100K.
Share who knows.
generally, I think the word market is already closer to us than shop or sale.


for projects in new domain zones, many of the ends register. I have seen some sites in .guru, .center, etc., and in .the market will be taken... but this, imho, will not particularly affect the secondary market... and on the general statistics of the new domain zone as a whole... the supply market is too big to pay much higher than the reg. fee.. and the price of reg. fee new zones multiplied by 10-20 years of extensions will be comparable to the price of good  secondary.
in fairness, we can add that in .market there is an unambiguous commercial basis in the word itself, so to speak .., i.e. if an end domain name is interested, then most likely this end will be monetary... only now will he be interested in such an abundance of offers... the zone looks something like .pro, the guys on the forum periodically report on successful sales in .pro, perhaps in .market to somebody, something will be able to resell.

Zhoshua Adrian

Judging sensibly, a simple inhabitant of the Internet does not care what ending the site has - .cook or .chiken. Of course, there are some zones that carry a sacred meaning, but there are very few of them. As for .market, the price is not so high. For the first hand - $ 25-60 per year, if outbid from the owner, then the price can reach up to $1000, but this makes no sense. Over the past 5 years, large firms rarely register new Ip in order to just have it.


This domain name zone is primarily focused on private stores and retail chains of any scale.
The web site of an online store, for example, or, will look organically.
In the zone .MARKET you can place a board of paid or free ads, a forum. For the website of the economic journal, registration in the new zone will be a landmark event.