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Started by Viktosha, Jul 04, 2022, 03:57 AM

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I know that .com is registered by all those who are connected with commerce. But here's the question: can I register an exchange for another domain zone?


Hello there!
.com is one of the domain name connected with commerce. There are a lot of other zones which can be suitable for your type of project. For example, .biz, .finance, .financial, .foundation, etc. So, the strict answer is "YES"!
P.S. .com is from "common", not "commerce" ;)


There are more than 550 domain zones. It is customary to classify them into:

ccTLD (country code top-level domain) — national, by country and region;
gTLD (generic top-level domain) — thematic, for a general purpose.
This separation is necessary for the convenience of users. When visiting websites in the .de zone, we immediately understand that they work for the Deutsch segment, .ua — for Ukraine, .store — are intended for trade, etc. Next, we will analyze in detail what domain zones are and what they mean.

These are top-level domains (TLDs) that are intended for use in a particular country. In national domains, it is allowed to use the symbols of the local alphabet: .fr (France), .kaz (Kazakhstan). Examples of other zones:

.UK — United Kingdom;
.US — USA;
.TR — Turkey;
.DE — Germany;
.BY — Belarus, etc.
National domains are linked to National Domain Authorization Centers (ccTLD Manager). These are special institutions that exist in each country and carry out all necessary measures to maintain the activity of domain names. In some zones, only citizens of the country or local organizations can register a national top-level domain.

Interesting fact. Domain zone .ME, with which whole phrases are formed ( , ), is actually the national domain of Montenegro. A zone .TV is the national top—level domain for the country of Tuvalu. Due to the coincidence with the abbreviation of television, the domain is managed by a division of VeriSign, and the government of Tuvalu owns 20% of the company's shares.

Used for regions and cities:

EU — EU;
.ASIA — Asia;
.MOSCOW — Moscow, etc.

Such domains can be used in any country, they are not limited geographically and involve audience visits from all over the world. Examples:

.BIZ (from business) — for business;
.INFO (from information) — for information sites;
.COM (from commercial) — for commercial organizations;
.ORG (from organizations) — for use by non-profit organizations;
.NET (from network) — for network services (Internet service providers, etc.).
Now there are no strict restrictions on the use of these TLDs. Many site owners register domains in the zone .COM, and not all of them are commercial.

Such zones are suitable if you want to emphasize the theme of the site, for example:

.ART — for artists;
.PHOTOGRAPHY — for photographers;
.SHOP — for stores;
.DEV — for developers, etc.
Remember that the theme of the site must necessarily correspond to the selected zone. In some cases, proof of activity or qualifications is required.

With restrictions
There are TLDs where registration is not available to everyone. For example:

.EDU — intended only for educational institutions;
.GOV — for the US government and its divisions;
.AERO — for organizations related to air transportation;
.MOBI — for websites of mobile communication organizations, etc.
It happens when restrictions on registration in a certain domain zone are lifted. Domain zone .ORG was originally intended only for non-profit organizations, and now anyone can register in it. This also happened with the zone .PRO, which was previously available only to accredited specialists.

Which domain zone to choose
The largest and most popular domain zone is the zone .COM, which can host sites from all over the world and any subject. However, every year there are fewer and fewer beautiful and sonorous domains in this zone, so people are considering other options. Popular TLDs now: .TOP, .XYZ, .SITE, .ONLINE. When choosing a domain zone, focus on the following.
If you sell special equipment, you should not choose the .pоker or .pizza zone. This may negatively affect the promotion of the website in search engines.