Domaining perspectives or where to go? How to make money??

Started by Adam Greer, Jul 09, 2022, 04:13 AM

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Adam GreerTopic starter

I think that many people are interested in where to invest now to earn money.
I will state my thoughts.

As we all know, the Chinese rule. You need to buy what the Chinese like.
But, most importantly, do not forget about the liquidity of your investments.
What does it mean? Carefully buy what is not yet sold or sold very little.

Everyone knows how much ANY Chinese 4letters.COM or 4letters.NET cost. 3, 4 5 digits, 6 digits .COM?

This means that they are liquid. They can always be sold. There is a minimum price for everyone.
This is the product that is worth investing in in the first place.
But this is obvious to many, and therefore the entry threshold is high.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't invest in other zones (combinations) recognized by the Chinese. Moreover, such investments can be very profitable in the long run. As long as the entry threshold is very low. But the risk is much higher.
This is where I will end and invite others to express their thoughts about this issue.


I recommend investing in digital domains whenever possible.
Because of less competition, I invest in net org info biz zones

I don't have much experience yet, but this is my prediction. European premium from $30 to $60 a piece by autumn. Chinese premium from $400 to $600 a piece by autumn.  - 60 to 100 $  - 300 to 500 $  - 30 to 80 $ (only for beautiful ones)  - 60 to 150 $ (only for beautiful ones)

I have restrained optimism and in general I am satisfied with the investment.
There are still a dozen Chinese premium domains left
I hope to sell them for at least $350


When investing in domains, you first need to analyze the market. To study the most promising niches, topics, possible risks. The domain zone is of great importance. In addition, you need to take into account trends that change every year. Not so long ago, domains were bought only in order to place their sites on them. Now there is a real hunt for domain names, which can bring a very good income when reselling.
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The number of national top-level domain names (ccTLDs) is growing annually. The total number of domain names in the world in the third quarter  amounted to 299 million, which is 5.2% more than in the same period. Of these, 46.09% (137.8 million) are national top-level domains and 45.21% (135.2 million) are collectively domains in the .com and .net zones.
The leader in the number of registrations is still the domain name (Tokelau, 26.7 million). The nature and feature of the domain zone .tk is that in this zone anyone can freely and, most importantly, register their own domain name for free [15].It is worth noting the fact that  new domain name zones (newgTLD) have begun to gain popularity. This became possible after the newgTLD program was adopted at the 41st ICANN Conference , which allows legal entities - government representatives, commercial and non—commercial organizations to register their own first-level domain name zone. As of March ICANN has delegated 955 new top-level domains.

The leader among IDN newgTLD is .(xn--ses554g) [24], which currently has 342,801 domains and ranks eighth in the number of domains. Domain zone .(pronounced Wǎngzhǐ, which means site in Chinese) belongs to the Chinese company KNET Co., Ltd.The most popular are such new domain names as .xyz (16.49% of the total number of newgTLD), .top (11.08%), .wang (6.51%), .win (5.38%), .club (4.56%). It should be noted that new domain name zones have gained their popularity thanks to investors from China.

By domain owners .xyz, .club are companies from the USA, domains .top, .wang — companies from China, domain name zone .win is owned by a company from Gibraltar.From January to April  5.17 million domain names have been registered, such a huge growth symbolizes the growing popularity of new domain zones. There are many reasons for this. One of them is the possibility of creating short and beautiful domain names in new zones that have been occupied in popular zones for decades. The limitation of short and beautiful domains forces consumers to register either a long, hard-to-remember name, or Bulletin of the RUDN, Economics series.

Such an alternative can be considered top-level domains in new domain name zones. These domain zones, as a rule, already symbolize a certain direction: .shop — for stores, .club — clubs by address, .london — for London. It can already be said that 2021 has become the year of new domains, but to a greater extent, perhaps, for the domain community than for the general public. Many registrars believe that tens of thousands of domain names will be registered, but, in our opinion, few will overcome this milestone. The reasons include the narrowly focused use of new zones and the unwillingness of the owners of these zones to invest in marketing. Consider the distribution of registrants by country. A registrant is a legal or natural person who can become the owner of a domain. First of all, we note the growing interest of China in domains. China is the country with the largest population, with great potential and growing consumer demand. So 53.4% of all newgTLD domains belong to Chinese citizens, the second place with a huge gap and a market share of 10.7% is occupied by the United States.

Such domain names also have restrictions on the use of mail, but at the moment this issue is being worked out and, probably, the problem will be solved soon thanks to the Internet Engineering Task Force. The appearance of IDN addresses in the mail will definitely give an additional impetus to the development of these zones.