Get Ahead Of Web3 - NFT Domains: Ownable For Life, No Renewal Fees

Started by Туман, туман, Jun 20, 2022, 01:08 PM

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Here at Unstoppable Domains, we believe the Internet should be owned by people and are thrilled at the opportunity to share some insights about the benefits of Web3 with the DNray community!

Web3 - the decentralized, secure, and user-owned internet - is more than cool tech, it's a movement that's gaining noteworthy traction and creating new and real opportunities in domain ownership:

Ground Floor Opportunity
Because Web3 is still in the relatively early stages of adoption, there are a ton of NFT domains available from Unstoppable Domains, starting as low as $5.

Lifetime Benefits
Once you mint your NFT domains - you own and control them for life - no renewal fees, no custodians, no escrow agents. NFT domains can be safely transferred to anyone in the world in under one minute.

Here To Stay - Adoption And Development
Hundreds of millions of people already use it for NFT's, crypto, and digital identification purposes.

And momentum continues building on user and development sides.
34,000 new developers committed code to Web3 projects in 2021 - the highest number of developers in history according to this report.

More Than Websites - NFT Domain Benefits & Features
In addition to Total ownership and complete control, NFT domains give the following benefits when surfing the decentralized web:
Crypto Just Got Easy
NFT domains give you the power to send, store, and receive hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with one simple domain name.

It's Your Name, Own It
Take control of your digital identity and finally own your username. With NFT domains, your username is no longer tied to a single website or app . it's yours to use everywhere you go.

The Only Login You Need
Leave the days of signing in with email addresses, user accounts, and passwords behind. Your Unstoppable domain is all you need to verify your identity and access sites and apps on the decentralized web.



My concern is a lot of domains are protected or not available and it's getting harder to find single words in .eth not sure a random term is worth 150 dollars


"Alternative" extensions have been tried many times in the past. This is just the latest attempt.

One example -

ICANN won't care. ICANN will delegate the extensions on the standard DNS root servers.

Unstoppable Domains has no exclusive rights to these terms, especially as extensions on the standard root servers. Anyone can have any extension they want if they have special software or settings.

Most of these extensions will have many applicants, and go to auction likely selling for many millions.

In my view that makes these kind of obsolete either way. Either Unstoppable wins these via ICANN auction, or another party does.

1.) If Unstoppable wins them then they will resolve on standard DNS root servers in any browser without the need for special software or settings. That is superior to needing special software and settings. It also negates the entire argument about "decentralization".


2.) If another party wins .crypto for example, the options will be a .crypto domain that needs special software or settings to work...or a .crypto domain on the standard DNS root servers that would work in any browser without the need of special software or settings.

Basically in either situation the ICANN delegated extension on the standard DNS severs is far superior when it comes to actual usage.


NFT domain (non-fungible domain) is a domain name on a public blockchain that allows a user to have full ownership of their stored data. One of the main uses of the NFT domain in Web 3.0 is to replace long wallet addresses with a domain name similar to site domains on the Web 2.0 Internet.

The benefit of NFT domains is that, having once acquired such a domain, the user becomes its full owner forever until he sells it. In the case of Web 2.0 domains, the registrar charges a fee to renew the domain and may censor it, which is not possible with NFT domains.

The NFT domain works like a wallet address. Using it, you can send or receive blockchain-supported cryptocurrencies and tokens. dissimilar to a regular wallet address, which consists of a random set of letters and numbers, an NFT domain has a human-readable address, such as name.blockchain.