How would domaining evolve in 5 years?

Started by vikov, Jun 20, 2022, 01:11 PM

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vikovTopic starter

As for me, a 5-year perspective for domainers mean:

1) .COM would become more valuable
2) One word .COM would be gold
3) A couple of extensions apart from .COM would emerge as key. I anticipate .ORG, .IO and .XYZ
4) New extensions would keep coming and going. People won't even ask for it
5) .CO would lose value because the registry is not doing a good job

What do you think the future of domaining hold?


the fact that you choose .XYZ as one of the domains emerging not another dead extension killed by the premium renewals is odd to me regardless i don't think it will evolve that much new trends will come and go and all will Hail the KING .COM


Of course, the future belongs to the .com domain. Moreover, you can buy them from some registrars at a reasonable price, and then it's up to you where and how you can sell the domain with the greatest profit. I think that the business on domains will develop over time, as there is a good profit here, which means that new more interesting offers will appear.


For instance, being the creator of many different websites, I have very often encountered the process of registering domains and the process of inventing their names. I'll tell you honestly – this is a very interesting and creative process, on which you can earn good money.

How well does your creative thinking work? How many interesting names and unusual phrases can you generate? If you answer these questions "well" and "a lot" — then it's time for you to engage in domaining.
The word "domaining" means domain name speculation. This is when, with the help of ingenuity and creative thinking, you come up with a creative and interesting domain name and then resell it tens or even hundreds of times more expensive.

The thing is that the Internet is developing very quickly in the West, millions of companies and individuals are trying to develop their activities in it. And each such company or private owner needs its own domain on which he would begin to "create". As you know, short and sweet sounding domains are remembered, and only then – all the others. Therefore, during the first few years of active use of the Internet in the West, almost all short domain names and domains that sound good and contain a word or phrase in their name were registered and re-registered. It became more and more difficult to come up with new beautiful names, as there were fewer and fewer free domain names.

Domain registration is a very simple and cheap process. To register a name, on average you need to spend about 10 CU. and this name will belong to you for 1 year. If you extend it, then it may belong to you for a very long time. Therefore, creative people who are called domainers began to appear on the Internet. They invest $ 100 and begin to come up with short domain names and consonant phrases, hoping to register them for $ 10, and sell them for $ 300. Even if one of these 10 newly registered domains is bought, it will still pay off the cost of registering the entire list, and even bring a good profit.

I tried  at this myself and managed to come up with a very good name for a culinary website, which a special program rated at $620. But for now I decided not to sell it, but to make an  culinary site based on it, telling about healthy food.

Ourel Augest

As for me, in the next 5 years there will be domains that will have something related to coins and nft in their extension. It still exists with coins, but it will get a completely different colour. Perhaps they will come up with a mechanism by which only owners of nft - property will be able to access domain names. This is not fantasy, but the coming future.
XYZ and other junk domains will disappear, and only the really valuable .com domains will remain. org. etc.