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Started by rimsss, Aug 11, 2022, 08:44 AM

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rimsssTopic starter

Hello friends. I'm already struggling with choosing a domain for a site with learning English. According to geolocation, the ".ru" domain is suitable for my site, but I would like English to be everywhere on my site. So I doubt between ".ru" and ".com/.org." How is it customary to set the domain, by geolocation or by the meaning of the site?

Colin Clark

Geolocation is good, but when we talk about choosing a school or any educational institution - in your case, a language learning school, then I would generally advise you to choose .school or .academy. If you choose between .ru or com/org, then I tend to .com.

Anthony Brooks

If the geolocation of the domain is in Russia and the main base of students will also be from Russia, then, as for me, it makes no sense for you to set the .com zone. Of course, if you will attract people from other GEOs, then it is better to choose the .com zone, which is more tolerant of residents of countries other than Russia.


I choose the .com domain zone for any of my sites
It doesn't matter if it's learning English, or an oil rig portal. There is nothing better than the .com domain zone.