Interesting opinion of the guru of the .ONLINE domain zone

Started by richtedy, Aug 09, 2022, 05:13 AM

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richtedyTopic starter

Prospects and possible prices range in that domain zone. Registration was opened for everyone, I already saw on sale the cаsino.ONLINE for 5000$.,, and more 30 domains. I took interesting things, but I think this is a 3-5 year perspective.


good price for a cаsino.
but you will not be allowed to register this is the zone itself registered half a year before the opening of the zone and sells.

and so the prospects for domains related to the online theme are good and sales in this zone will definitely be.

But in reality, I have noticed more than once in the search results from the 10th place and below, and sometimes from the 5th, shitty sites with absolutely any domain and low-quality content, even doorway.
And after a couple of days or more, these websites sank or flew out of the search. Their place was taken by others of different quality. But in the tops there are almost always sites with both non-key domain names and key domains - that is, there is no pattern.


In this zone, 3 letters and English words hang in reserve for about a month after the drop and are then sold at premium prices.
This is the reality. Although at the start of the zone they took domain names for $10 and they are extended at the base price.
For the sake of this (cаsino.ONLINE) domain and a couple of hundred similar ones, the zone was created. Pron, films, job, NY, etc. are good, the rest are for the amateur. The same design online is not much different from the rest of the new zones.