Started by Megan Brown, Sep 09, 2022, 03:37 AM

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Megan BrownTopic starter

I'm looking at the current euphoria with domain names LLLL.com and I wonder when the LLL in the BIZ and US zone will begin to be appreciated, there is no strength to keep.
The critical mass is slowly gaining, the bubble would have time to inflate in the .biz.
4L.com they are just pleasing. Buns to everyone who endured.


You will receive a selection of existing major projects in .biz to bring? Or do you know how to use search engines yourself?
They really drop. But serious dot-com domains are also being dropped.

You are making a mistake by looking at the market exclusively through the eyes of a domainer. Sometimes it is useful to look at this matter through the eyes of the end user.
So through the eyes of the end user, if you look, then why buy when you can register from the free ones? ))) Ends do not buy, therefore drops are coming, and these are the largest projects in .biz - I would like to see the archive of domain name sales in .biz.