Main domain name zones of Ukraine

Started by Ololo228, Aug 06, 2022, 10:58 AM

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I want to share more information about Ukrainian domains in light of recent events.

There are various Ukrainian domain zones available including the national ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domains) UA, second-level domain zones, and the Cyrillic domain UKR, which is focused on the Ukrainian Internet audience. These domains encompass ua as the common domain zone for Ukrainian domain names, for commercial projects and organizations, for public Ukrainian organizations, for network projects, for educational institutions, for state structures, for business structures, and for personal individual domains.

There is also the su domain zone specifically for countries that were once a part of the Soviet Union. In addition, there are domain zones with Cyrillic names such as укр for websites in Ukrainian, дети for resources for a children's audience, онлайн for internet services and online resources, орг for public and government organizations, and сайт for personal websites and projects.

Lastly, Ukraine has a range of geographical domain zones including and for Cherkasy, and for Chernihiv, and for Chernivtsi, for Crimea, and for Dnepropetrovsk, and for Donetsk, and for Ivano-Frankivsk, and for Kharkiv, and for Kherson, and for Khmelnitskiy, for Kyiv, and for Kirovograd, and for Lugansk, for Lutsk, for Lviv, and for Nikolaev, and for Odessa, and for Poltava, for Rivne, for Rivne region, for Sevastopol, for Sumy (Sumy region), and for Ternopil, and for Uzhgorod, and for Vinnytsia, and for Zaporizhye, and and for Zhitomir.


  Since 2012, applications for new domain zones (New gTLDs - generic Top-Level Domain) have also been accepted. Due to this, the domain space has become more diverse, and it has become easier and more convenient to choose a suitable domain name, any legal entity can determine its domain zone in agreement with ICANN.
 .shop, .club, .online, .store, .io .dev .page .app .guru .today .camera and other zones indicate the purpose of the site, its location or contain information about the product.


Picking the right domain name can help your website rank higher in search engines within a specific region. For instance, if an online store operates mostly within a city or region, it's better to choose a regional domain rather than a general one. could be a good choice for a lighting store based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

If a brand name is associated with a particular region, it's also worthwhile to consider purchasing a domain that reflects that connection. For example, a travel company offering tours to Hoverla could use the domain

If your company has its main office in one region and a branch in another, you might want to choose a domain with the name of the larger or more well-known region. This can help expand your potential customer base. A mattress manufacturer with an office in Kiev could use a domain like

Short domains are generally best for SEO purposes. If a website's name is too long, choosing a two-character regional domain may be a good idea. For instance, might be a better fit than for a car sales company based in Zhytomyr.

Easy-to-read, memorable domain names are ideal. Regional domain names are typically easier to come by than general Ukrainian ones. The FreedomLab catalog is a good resource for finding new domain names in different regions of Ukraine to help make your business more successful and recognizable.