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Started by MY, Jul 07, 2022, 12:26 PM

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Is the .PRO zone overrated?
Yes, it evokes positive associations, and it looks pretty, but show me at least a dozen really large projects in it. My opinion - now this zone is loved only by domainers.

P.S. Owners of .PRO domains portfolio , please do not reply to the topic.


Colleague, I do not have a portfolio of .PRO (only 2 domains) and therefore I will answer.
The thing is that you need to look wider - .PRO - for the professionals, and not for "amateurs" (IMHO). I (a doctor by profession) am a domainer rolled into one.
Is medicina.com, etc. better than medicine.pro?
I would take everything (almost all) in .PRO medical specialties and make "bombs" on these domains, but to my regret they are all taken.
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Ourel Augest

I have a lot of domain names in the pool, there is also .pro, but you know the value of such domains is equal to the value of another site. I mean, there is no hype for such domain names, although the average price tag is an order of magnitude higher. This is not so much due to the fact that such ones are cooler or easier to promote, but rather with their complexity of implementation. The fact is that not all projects are suitable for names in this zone.


The PRO domain zone is designed for organizations and individuals who have a diploma of education or a license to provide educational services.
So, users using the site are confident in the competence of the information provided there. Which is very important to attract the target audience and promote your activities. Recommend buying domains in the PRO zone for university graduates, owners of business schools, educational centers and other organizations involved in educational events.

Initially, only representatives of four specialties could register in this zone: doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants. But since 2008, the list of specialists who are allowed to register names in the PRO domain has been expanded.
Later, the rules obliging registrants to provide a license to carry out professional activities were canceled. This document can be replaced with a diploma, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a Charter or any other documents reflecting the type of activity. Starting from November 16, 2015, the registration of the PRO domain became available to everybody. You no longer need to document your activities.