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Started by prctshplc, Aug 19, 2022, 10:06 AM

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my payment for the domain name in the .info zone goes at the end of the month, for the following reasons I don't know what to do:

a couple of years ago I already registered a domain name in the same zone with the same registrar, I didn't use it (I'm sure it doesn't matter at all), and when the hour of reckoning came, and then the release, I see that it was extended, it's not clear who else for a year, but the address has a stub with advertising, and not a teaser or banner ad, but as if the domain name was not registered, but the registrar placed the parking page, I hope I explained it clearly.

now regarding my case: as I already wrote, at the end of the month the deadline comes up and you need to pay, remembering that case, I'm afraid that I can lose the domain name for a year, and the price rejects the renewal: about $ 15, but after the ticket, the support notified that you can transfer directly from him to another and the price will be in district $9.
For certain reasons, including financial ones, I don't want to and can't overpay, but I'm also afraid to take risks, maybe after a month it will become free and I can register it again for $5.

Tell me please, how to figure it out and find out in advance whether it will be automatically extended or released?


The registrar can extend it for a year and pick it up according to internal rules, but that is rarely done. Usually a domain is deleted from the registry after 75-81 days, but not after a month.
But what it says there is that it has been extended, don't pay attention. Watch better when the inscription appears: pending delete, in 2 months.