What is your sales ratio by domain zone?

Started by vallam, Aug 23, 2022, 03:43 AM

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vallamTopic starter

I would like to know who has what are the total indicators of sold domain names % by zones?
For instance, I counted today - 50% .com, 19% .co, 11% .org, 18% .pro, 2% .net


.by 70%
.kz 10%
.lv, .lt .ae 10%
Remaining 10%
I hardly work with other zones.

Zhess Flatcher

It all depends on which domain zones a person operates, for example, if an entrepreneur deals mainly with .uk domains, then the percentage of sales will be 5% maximum.
Let me tell you about my latest figures. There are 71 domains in total. Of them:
.com - 19
.info - 9
.store - 6
.ist - 1

Again, I have 531 domain names in my (entrepreneur group) database, of which 73% are .com names. The reason is simple - they are suitable for different types of sites.