Which extension do you think is more valuable?

Started by Натали_я, Jun 20, 2022, 01:15 PM

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Which extension do you think is more valuable?




Since IO is technology based it might just be down to keywords or chosen abbreviation.


.io much more valuable especially if you gonna use it for a tech startup, but keep in mind that .io is considered as unsafe extension, according to registry regulations, the domain .io is not safe.


Recent years, the .IO domain has become attractive among young technology companies that have not been able to find a suitable .COM domain name. The abbreviation "IO" can be deciphered as "input / output" ("input-output"), but in fact it is the domain zone of the British Indian Ocean Territory, an archipelago with an interesting history. The zone administrator is the British company Internet Computer Bureau, what also manages several other ccTLDs for small countries.

The .xyz domain zone is designed to unite dynamic Internet users of different ages and create a single space for them. And thus overcome the difference in views and lifestyles between representatives of all generations.