Why is .XYZ domain valuable?

Started by richtedy, Aug 24, 2022, 03:50 AM

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richtedyTopic starter

Can somebody explain why .xyz domains are so expensive?
I looked at the three-letter version, probably that's the whole point.


Well, they are not expensive. Googled - the price is up to $1. An extension somewhere...
Many hosting providers give a domain and ssl in any zone if you buy hosting.

.xyz has an owner who wants to make more money by selling some second-level names, so he called them premium and set a higher price. It can also be assumed that the registrars conspired and raised the price for theoretically "speaking" names.
  It's just this on the very first day of the existence of the .xyz zone, all the good people bought up in bundles, so that later they could resell them at a higher price.

Mark Walker

Quote from: richtedy on Aug 24, 2022, 03:50 AMCan somebody explain why .xyz domains are so expensive?
I looked at the three-letter version, probably that's the whole point.
Dear richtedy, you are absolutely wrong! Everything is exactly the opposite. Three-letter zones, especially xyz, are the cheapest (often used). Their cost rarely exceeds $1 (no one canceled the registrar's markup). It is for this reason that sites that use such domain names turn out to be real scams.
You may have looked at old data. Initially, the price for .xyz was around $12.

Anthony Brooks

Once I did an analysis of domain names in different regions - Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia. The analysis concerned where and how often domain names with short endings are used - I'm talking about two and three letters. So, according to statistics, two-letter and rarely used ones are used on left-handed sites - scam sites. Three-letter ones are used to convey the "weight of the site". The same xyz or abc is included in this number. The high cost of xyz is due to the quick memorability and weight of the site.


XYZ Company has announced the start of domain name registration in the zones .SKIN, .HAIR, .MAKEUP and .BEAUTY.
The company acquired all these names from L'Oreal. Curiously, of all these domains, L'Oreal opened registration only in the zone .MAKEUP.
Usually trademark owners in the priority period can register any domain at an increased price — about a thousand dollars. But in the priority period .MAKEUP company L'Oreal has set the price five times more — five thousand dollars for the year of registration.
Some experts claim that the company was just trying to ensure that no one registered domains and the zone was used only for its own needs.

XYZ decided to make the prices acceptable to everybody. The priority registration period for trademark owners has now started, which will last until February next year (approximate price — one thousand dollars). The period of public registration of beauty domains will begin on March 3. Their cost will be about $ 25.