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Started by beingchinmay, Jul 13, 2022, 01:46 AM

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beingchinmayTopic starter

The essence of the statistics below is this: these guys took a selection of domains, looked at how many of them are used for their intended purpose, and how many are not. And calculated the ratio:


This selection is incorrect. They could have taken only spammers from .biz (the same 4.3% of the total number of domains) and it would have been 100% in general.
And the main thing is that domain zones of different sizes were analyzed. These statistics would be at least somewhat revealing if they analyzed the same number of domains (as a percentage of the total in these zones).

Gabriel Evans

The guys are certainly good, I mean the ones who did the calculations and stuff like that. However, it seems to me that they took a certain region (country or continent), at least I did not find any mention of this in their article. For example, in my experience, I do not trust .xyz, as well as .abc. I often find sites with these registers, and often they are owned by people and companies that offer fake services or risky high-yield offers.
I was surprised to find .top and .cf in the list.

Connon Bootman

I try to be open-minded, but everything I write is based on my experience and the experience of my colleagues. The worst domain zones are registered in the eastern part of Europe, Asia and Africa. I am now talking about: .st, .tk, .tc, .gs, .ws , .bg .cf .ga .gq .ml
In addition, the files that you will download from the .info zone in 1 out of 12 cases will crash your computer. A lot of spam comes from .ro sites, so I strongly do not recommend opening an online store. When you think about the price of a domain name, think about its value in the eyes of the Internet community.


List of the most dangerous domain name zones according to the DomainTools report:
Phishing - .buzz, .gq, .ga, .rest, .ml
Malware - .buzz, .xyz, .cc, .cfd, .cyou
Spam - .xyz, .cam, .bar, .surf, .click
generally, cheap domain zones are usually used for illegal actions, since domain names block quickly and criminals may need to quickly redirect their business to a new domain.
The lower the cost of the domain name, the higher the probability that it will be bought and used by scammers.