XYZ is like Doge coin

Started by Кошабака, Jun 23, 2022, 07:21 AM

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Totally overvalued and pumped. Change my mind.


First off, you're the one talking about .xyz so there must be some interest or curiosity on your behalf

That said, no .xyz is not fueled by "skepticism" with out any application usage / like Doge coin ... the (application usage) comes down to the fact that .xyz is the only domain .extension that is DNS recognized and can be used as a blockchain address like an ENS domain (.eth) etc. which is not ICANN authorized and requires users to have special plugins to even access ENS domains / where as .xyz is ICANN authorized and therefore can easily be found with no plugins

2nd - all of this craziness with .xyz started when Google renamed themselves Alphabet Inc and bought from Daniel Negari to represent the change ^ and as we all know, Google knows everything we want to know 10 years before it's the case ^ hence they invest before us / look at the private bidding of Fortune 100 companies who want to own certain .extensions ... they aren't investing, because they think it's a fluke ... they know what's to come next ^

3rd - major domain investors like Swetha and Elliot Silver have managed to sell .xyz domains for 4 figures one year ago to 5 figures + today ^ the market is evolving and why ? Look at web3, look at NFTs, look at the metaverse ... Some of these individuals who have invested in these topics have gotten very wealthy in a very short period of time ^ and let us say that they want the .com (yes) ?

So they chase down the owners of the .com name that they want / only to be quoted a ridiculous amount or the owner doesn't want to sell ... so they have 3 options - buy the name at a ridiculous amount - forget about it altogether - choose another .extension with the same keyword ^

And then it comes down to this decision making process - does the name with the new .extension effect their rankings online (Google) or (Bing) -

No, no it doesn't

Does the name effect their credibility or their brand image ? And there's many ways to look at this question ^ for the last 40 years, the normal everyday average citizen has known about .com / they've seen it everywhere and anywhere - stickers, billboards, mugs, pens, shirts, magazines, newspapers, televised media ... etc etc etc - previous to those 40 years though, we didn't have the internet, we had phone books ... Domains was a foreign topic, reserved to the military ... And now look where we are


I only about 20 XYZ names and a couple I will probably keep longterm. I'm not sure it's the next big thing but was smart enough to want exposure.

Mendook Vilno

I'm not going to persuade. I would like to bring some clarity. The .xyz category domains are the lowest tier niche domains. I mean that such domains are used on low-quality resources. Ask why? Look at her price! The cheapest segment to date. Even .info .biz has a higher level of accreditation. Often, .xyz domains are used by projects with real earnings (bit/dog and so on coins) or with earnings at high risks (investing money at high% with a high chance of losing everything).


Domain zone .XYZ is the most successful of the new domain name zones, if you look at the number of registrations. Besides,.XYZ has become an informal area for projects within the framework of the Web3 concept.
Web3 is the name of a new stage in the development of the Internet, in which blockchain technology and related phenomena such as decentralization and the token-based economy will play a key role.

.XYZ recently published a statistical report for June, which largely confirms this trend. So, in the top ten most popular keywords of June among manually registered domain names, half are directly related to Web3: web, art, meta, app, bet, verse, shop, dao, nft, tech. And indirectly, that's all.

However, we will not see Web3 terms in the top of the largest sales. The most expensive domains of recent times are based on common words:,, Against this background, only stands out.
But, these words are most likely already existing or future brands of Web3 projects.