Domaining is over

Started by alex.thomson, Oct 02, 2022, 01:58 AM

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Domaining is over. Domain owners now have to delete domains.
Do you agree?


Domain investors and end buyers are not the only market participants.
There are also cybersquatters – people who register domain names of well-known companies that are freely available for some reason. Cybersquatters offer the purchase of the received domains to those companies to which they previously belonged, or to their competitors. The manager receives an offer to buy out the domain.

The company can pay for the domain or go to court. As a rule, court proceedings on such issues continue for a long time. It is often more profitable for company owners to give money for a domain than to pay lawyers.
In order to organize a good income on the sale of domains, you need to follow a number of rules.

Before buying domains, it is necessary to correctly assess their significance and value in the market. Domain names in the ru and com zone are more popular. Other zones look less attractive, so you carry risks when working with them.

Do not buy cheap domain names. The more expensive a domain name is, the higher the chances of reselling it. Evaluate the quality of the domain with the help of special services before making a deal.

It is rarely possible to make money on the purchase of free domain names and their further sale. There are few valuable domains in the public domain. To make money on the sale of domains, you need to use the secondary market, where you can buy popular domain names in order to resell them.

Investing in domains can be long-term. You should be prepared to defer income. The domain name business is designed for the future. For beginners, it will serve as an additional source of income.
Of the ways to make easy money on the Internet, earning on domains is simple and fast in terms of profitability.
Includes the purchase and sale of domains. Nowadays there are already a large number of people who are on these operations.


he registered his first domain in 2002, for the web site of his organization, and at the same time he stepped heavily, took a long three-storey domain - transliterated from the name of the company, when at that moment it was possible to take a normal key freely, and the two-characters seemed to be still free
I remember that many gurus, both online and in life, recommended taking only for the

Then a couple of years later I dropped my first domain name, and took a shorter one (in principle, also unsuccessful), the second one still lives with the company's website, and only since 2009 I began to buy good domains, just somewhere since 2009 the role of Internet advertising  has greatly increased, before that (until 2005- 2009) somehow in our province the Internet was not very developed, it was at the level of fashionable innovation.