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Started by ella.boswell, Sep 21, 2022, 12:38 AM

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 Did you get more domain names when you switched from part-time to full-time?
 What are you doing differently now compared to when you worked part-time?
 Do you regret that you quit your job to devote yourself entirely to the domain business?


If you follow the rules, follow the news, study new directions and at the same time do not go crazy, then you can earn good money.
But you should always remember what a good domain name is. If it doesn't mean anything, then it won't be worth anything...
Domain investors shouldn't be looking for excuses why they're buying shit.
Either you have the talent to find good domain names, or you don't have it.

Finding an opportunity and using that opportunity is what leads to success. If you do not have the ability to do this, then in 1995 you would not have succeeded in the domain name  business.
Domaining is not about domain names, but about business. About understanding how a business works. Domains are a tool for sales. And sales control the planet.

A good domain name is one that is easy to remember, but a great domain is one that is hard to forget!
And yes, as with other investments, you need money. But for a domain business, you need less money, while you can get more profit.
I focus on manually registering domains and buying domain names that sell at prices up to $2000. This is my comfort level, where I feel best.
To become a domain name  investor, you need eight dollars. Not such a high barrier of entry, is it?
But the real barrier is the ability to distinguish valuable domains from those that have no value and do not even have potential value. New words are born every day, just stay up to date!
And if others can't build THEIR dream on YOUR domain name, don't buy it!