How to choose a host for your site

Started by Lolamarkina, Nov 18, 2022, 04:06 PM

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How to choose a host for your site.
Choosing a hosting service is a very difficult task, of course, if you are not a professional in this field. The main difficulty lies in the presence of a large number of sites on the hoster market and a wide range of services that they provide.
The main thing to consider when choosing a hosting is :
Support service (it should work like clockwork).
Compliance with the highest level of Tier III reliability. Tier III data centers have a fault tolerance level of 99.982%.
The bandwidth and also the delay of the data transmission channel. Should be minimal.
Hardware performance.
I.e., the server should be available around the clock, and technical support was ready to promptly solve your problems


Hosting reliability:
Here the main argument will be the number and scale of customers. The more domains in service and the larger their customers are, the more trust this hosting provider deserves.

Ratings of hosting providers indicating the number of domains in service can always be found on the web, and they often indicate large clients on their website.
Opening your own hosting company is not a particularly problematic process, but making it really convenient and stable is not an easy task.
Summarizing: choose a large hosting with large clients.

But, large hosting is not always the best choice. A small, long-existing one can be much better, since such companies value every client, try to help with any issue and do not build their business on maximizing profits.
Tracking the work consists in collecting every minute the speed of opening the same site on WordPress, I attach a screenshot of statistics for the last few days.

If you play around with database queries, you can get statistics on how often sites were opened for more than 1 second from each of the hosting sites.