ICANN allocated $1 million to Ukraine to support the domain system

Started by arthyk, Aug 17, 2022, 06:28 AM

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The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine reported that the Internet corporation ICANN allocated $1 million to Ukraine to support the domain system.

The press service of the Ministry of Digital Development writes about this in Telegram.

The ministry recalled that the operation of the domain system is a critically important component of the Internet.

"It is thanks to domains that we are used to accessing websites using friendly addresses, such as google.com or apple.com.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the domain system of Ukraine has undergone massive cyberattacks. Therefore, it was necessary to secure and strengthen it so that Ukrainians could continue to search, receive and distribute information on the Internet.

To this end, the Ministry of Digital Development, together with the Ukrainian stakeholders of the domain industry, agreed that the Internet corporation ICANN will provide Ukraine with funding in the amount of $1 million in financial assistance to ensure uninterrupted access to the Internet," the message says.

The Ministry of Digital Development added that, together with the teams of Internet providers, administrators and domain registrars, they continue to maintain the stable operation of the Internet in the face of armed aggression.


This is a significant amount for the domain industry, but not enough to help all market participants.
Now,  clients refuse to renew domain names, and registrars (like us) and domain name administrators must pay for the support of the domain system (servers) regardless of whether the client continues the domain or not.

There is a very large decline in registrations and domain name renewals, and it is very difficult to cope with paying for infrastructure, salaries, protection from attacks, and other expenses.
There are 130 registrars and about 10 administrators in Ukraine. If this million is divided between registrars and administrators, each company will receive about 7 thousand.

It is not yet clear how they chose or will choose who to list the help to. ICANN has transferred money to Emergency Telecom Cluster ETC. What relation this company has to the domain system of Ukraine is unclear. It is inactive on the market, no one has ever heard of it.
But the Ministry of Finance stated that they had received the money and it would be spent "together with the teams of Internet service providers, administrators and domain registrars."
So far, no one has communicated with domain registrars, domain administrators, or providers.