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Started by arthyk, Jul 22, 2022, 04:43 AM

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The .XYZ domain zone is the most successful of the new domain zones when looking at the number of registrations. In addition, .XYZ has become an informal area for Web3 projects.

Web3 is another step in the development of the Internet, in which blockchain technology and related phenomena such as decentralization and the token economy will play a key role.

However, Web3 terms will not be among the largest sales. The most expensive domains of recent times are based on common words: curious.xyz, beem.xyz, vessel.xyz. Against this background, only storyverse.xyz stands out. ???


 ;D Apparently, nothing is changing - people are buying interesting domain names. Then resell to an interested buyer. Such a business is more reliable than all cryptocurrencies.
And all the "quiet" domains just go for all sorts of cryptocurrency projects.
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Domain .XYZ
The domain name .xyz is suitable for any site. The creators of the domain put into the name the meaning to unite people of different generations who work with the Internet in different ways and are involved in the world of information technology to varying degrees (generations X, Y and Z), the domain is easy to remember, just to reproduce.
And the administrator of the domain name zone is sure that in the near future .xyz will be able to compete with the most popular .com domain.