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Started by arthyk, Jul 22, 2022, 04:43 AM

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Among the new domain zones, .XYZ has the highest number of registrations and has also become an unformal space for Web3 projects. Web3 involves blockchain technology, decentralization, and the token economy, and represents the next phase in the evolution of the internet.
but, common words still dominate in terms of domain sales, with curious.xyz, beem.xyz, and vessel.xyz being the most expensive domains. The only exception to this trend is storyverse.xyz.


 ;D Apparently, nothing is changing - people are buying interesting domain names. Then resell to an interested buyer. Such a business is more reliable than all cryptocurrencies.
And all the "quiet" domains just go for all sorts of cryptocurrency projects.
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The .XYZ domain name is versatile and can be used for any type of website. Its creators intended to use the name as a way to bring together people of different generations who have diverse levels of involvement in the tech world, including generations X, Y, and Z.
The domain name is easy to recall and replicate. The administrator of the domain name zone is confident that .xyz will soon be able to rival the most popular domain name extension, .com.