Will Rick hit it big with Apple on this Four Word Dot com

Started by Kik84, Jun 17, 2022, 08:32 AM

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Kik84Topic starter

The domain king tweeted about one his domains, this time a four word dot com.

Apple has just entered the space for this financial payment method and will they want to own the matching dot com?

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dont suppose, unless they are just dying to get it, but could be, who knows, maybe, but probably not, nahhh, why not, sure, who knows, only God knows now. Ty Mr. Rob.


I think he should start renting those 8 apartments he acquired to save up some money for life guarding of his children, let alone college.
Body guards are not cheap, even with rent comming in from 8 apartments. He let the world know about his assets, and this is not a calm world. And body guards are not always ethical. Time will tell.


As always, Apple could buy and redirect to the right page on its main  site, as well as iPod, iPod.com and others.
They also own aolo.com , but we haven't seen a single page yet. These may be future plans for AR/VR glasses.