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Started by Ekatherina, Sep 10, 2022, 04:00 AM

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Reading the forum, I got the impression that people engaged in the domain business for a long time, very negatively evaluate the introduction of new gTLD. And this negative assessment is understandable, because the most profitable business can be done only on a deficit. With the introduction of hundreds of new zones, the deficit has disappeared and the end user now has more opportunities to implement their Internet projects bypassing the domainers. Considering the current situation from the point of view of the end user.
I can say that it is unlikely that I will buy a domain for-expensive when there is such a huge offer of different options in new zones on the market. Yes, new zones are unusual, but this is a temporary phenomenon. In addition, many domainers have their portfolios of domains in the "old zones" and I think they still feel that over time they will have to move the price down a lot when selling them.
Everything is changing in the world and whether we want it or not, new zones are a reality, and they will not go away.

Some statistics on gTLD registrations:
About 2.9 million domains have been registered. Distribution of registrations by country:
1. USA - 38.8%
2. Germany - 13,14%
3. China - 8,69%
4. Great Britain - 5.59%
5. Canada - 2.89%

And while you are thinking of continuing to do business on .COM, the whole world is invested in new domain name  zones.


I thought the same way a year ago when I decided to become a domainer
as a result of new zones in the first half of the year I scored several thousand dollars
, not a single domain  was sold, although very cool words
, all the costs were paid off only by sales in the DE zone
, so I can say one thing - for your projects, take in any zone, and for sale - I own I made a choice in favor of what is for sale.


TS looks at things like an end who reads DNray for a long time
There are only a few of them in nature, because it's boring for the layman here - there are no photos, no boobs,  design from the last century, even advertising does not pop up on the full screen. Therefore, the TS is right that opportunities have appeared.
But the deficit did not disappear, but rather increased - that's such a paradox!
The key in the new domain zone is like a new Mercedes in a complete set without air conditioning, without music-navigation, on a mechanical box, without power windows and with a rag interior.