Renew domain names on time

Started by Asokanvon, Nov 16, 2022, 03:50 AM

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AsokanvonTopic starter

Here is the news that the dads were happy about, but for some reason the moms did not appreciate.
In Northern Ireland, the website of St. Ronan in the town of Newry suddenly decided to retrain – the ancestors, tortured by everyday life, decided to check the schedule and homework of their children in the morning, and at the usual address of the school they show something very intriguing.
But, according to the British media, there are also schoolgirls there.

The school administration, who rushed to cover the screen obscenity with their breasts, with the help of the police, found out that the rights to the school's domain had expired, and the new owners decided not to postpone the hormonal revolution.
Do not forget to renew domain names, do not be like the leadership of the elementary school of St. Ronan in the town of Newry (Ireland).


Yes that there is a school.. my colleague has lost an online store of seasonal services.
So when purchasing a new domain, immediately find out which institution it was assigned to in order to use the domain usefully)