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Started by Conet, Nov 02, 2022, 09:45 AM

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In zones .net and .com there are over 240 million domains, and millions more web sites are registered in the top-level domains of each country. Despite the presence of a powerful cyber army, it is difficult to call North Korea a fan of the Internet, but no one knew the number of North Korean sites until now and would not have known if not for one annoying mistake.

According to Motherboard, on Tuesday, September 29, probably by chance, there was a failure in the configuration of the DNS server in the DPRK. Due to a mistake made by North Korean system administrators, anyone could find out details about the Internet in the DPRK.

    "We received a complete list of domain names in the country, and it turned out to be surprisingly (or vice versa, quite expectedly) very short",
- said engineer Matt Bryant, who discovered the error.

As it turned out, in the domain zone .kp has registered 38 sites. Some of them are impossible to enter. Probably, after Bryant discovered the failure, they were hit by a flood of traffic.
A number of resources are quite ordinary (for example, the web site of the state airline Air Koryo), but news publications make it perfectly clear how government propaganda works in the DPRK. In addition, a number of sites of the DPRK, selflessly fighting with "Western enemies", very much resemble well-known resources.
For example, the web site turned out to be a "clone" of Facebook, – an analogue of Yahoo!, and suspiciously resembles the pirate resource movie4k.


Apparently, several sysadmins will be shot soon.
they have only 38 computers in the country, not counting the server, why do they have more than 38 sites?