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Started by Conet, Nov 02, 2022, 09:45 AM

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More than 240 million domains are registered in the .net and .com zones, plus millions more sites are registered in the top-level domains of each country. North Korea's cyber army is known to be powerful, but the country isn't known for embracing the internet. It was recently discovered that there are only 38 sites registered in the domain zone .kp when a mistake made by North Korean system administrators allowed anyone to access information about the internet in the country.
It seems that some of these 38 sites can't be accessed, possibly due to the increased traffic following the accidental disclosure. Interestingly, some of the North Korean resources resemble well-known Western websites, such as, which is very similar to Facebook, and, which bears a suspicious resemblance to pirate movie site movie4k. This is a reminder of how government propaganda works in oppressed countries like North Korea, actively emulating Western culture while spreading propaganda through their own channels.


It has been suggested that a number of system administrators in North Korea may face severe consequences following the accidental disclosure of information about the country's internet. It's been discovered that there are only 38 computers in the country (not including the servers), which begs the question: why are there more than 38 registered sites in the domain zone .kp?

It is alarming to consider the potential punishment facing those responsible for the aforementioned mistake. The lack of transparency surrounding North Korea's internet usage and how it's managed adds another layer of uncertainty to this situation. One can only speculate on what will happen next, but it certainly seems that the implications of this situation could be dire for the sysadmins involved.