What to do with abandoned website?

Started by argoway, Aug 27, 2022, 12:46 AM

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Good day.
Sometimes domain names with a still working site come across.
If the website owners do not respond to letters and the domain is up for sale, then what to do:
1) register the old DNS (let everyone see the site, but do not see the sale offer);
2) register the DNS of the store, parking (let everyone see the offer for sale, but not see the website)?

Is there any point in temporarily restoring the website (while the hosting is working), if the goal is to sell the domain?

Can't they buy a domain for old content?
Although, of course, good sites are not abandoned, but anything can happen ..


It makes no sense to support someone else's website, especially if the new goal of the domain is to sell.
Because the owner of the domain name is responsible for someone else's site. In exceptional cases, if the site is charitable, highly useful, strongly needed, you can support it and return the domain name for reimbursement (as a lost thing) to the owner, but most likely, such domains should not be taken for resale at all.
Although a certain goal is clear - the domain is from a website, not a parking lot, but nevertheless, the new owner does not really care about the old site, it might even be better if he did not know about it. Sometimes administrators forget to renew the domain name, it drops, but the site works, it's better to let them know right away than you will give such a "gift" to the new administrator along with the domain.

In addition, while they are buying, hosting may stop working and the content will be lost, you need to pull it out right away.
With an abandoned website, it's romantic to hug and throw yourself into the abyss! And come what may!


Many users find that they can just take and close the site, saying that it will stop working on its own. There is only one thing, but if the registration period has expired, then you can safely register it and place your projects on it or just information about the sale of the domain.


The best option would be to create new pages on the same web site and page-by-page linking from the old site. Thus, we will get semantic linking, which will improve the quality of the promoted site as a whole.
Note also that redirecting the entire site to the main web page of the second site will not have the same effect as a page-by-page redirect.
If you do not want to redirect all the pages, then you can make redirects to the thematic sections of website – this is also a fairly effective method.