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Started by Piyush, Sep 12, 2022, 09:17 AM

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PiyushTopic starter

What are your impressions of trading on this domain name platform?
The service is seriously gaining popularity ... such a Twitter domain in terms of growth dynamics...

Lots of interesting auctions/good domain names all the time...
They write that even .ws domains are sold there successfully, like nowhere/never, $xхx
 generally, it will be necessary that people from our forums become experts there, and we will push domains in full.
How to become a Bido expert generally, has someone been working on that issue?


To hold a domain name for auction without voting = 1 bido credit, + for such a (paid) domain, it is allowed to independently choose the date of the auction, choose the date of the thematic auction and go ahead.

For domain names that have passed the voting procedure, the auction date is set by the Administration within a period of 3 to 60 days.
It is not potential buyers who vote for the domain name, but those who want to eventually earn a percentage of the sale of the domain they voted for. That idea of bido, that those who vote for the domain name have a motive to promote a future auction in order to get a percentage, is good, but the percentage there is ridiculous.
It is more expedient to work as a pure intermediary and get more.

Bidos are actually well done, the guys there understood what you can make money on - You need to satisfy the domainers who are hungry for instant, live auctions (and not like on Sedo, shoved into the listing and sit for five years waiting for a miracle or start looking for someone who will make a fictitious bid to push to the auction).
And here, all the "domainers" estimate all their domain names at millions of dollars and to get a million you need to spend only $ 9.88.

Kitty Solam

A few days ago I had a sale at Bido. The buyer was a little late confirming that the name had been transferred to him. But when he insisted the money went straight to my Bido account, I requested payment via PayPal; and it was on my PayPal account in less than five minutes.
As far as I understand, Bido works fine.