Can a Epik staff sell your domains in redemption?

Started by akeelow, Jun 26, 2022, 11:42 AM

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I noticed that has been putting my domains that are in redemption for sale using their own landers and their own marketing text. Is this even legal?

How can they sell domains that could be recovered within the 30 day redemption period? It just doesn't seem like they're entitled to do that legally until after the redemption period.
I asked their customer service 3 days ago and they haven't replied, so I'm asking here. I've never seen this before on any other host.


During grace period, the registrar is the one funding the renewal -- the fees are advanced to the registry until the domain is renewed by the registrant or deleted by the registrar.

During that period, the DNS resolves to a Make Offer lander. We show no ads or any content that could be considered grounds for UDRP.

If an offer does come in, and we believe it is legitimate, the registrant is usually notified. The honorable registrants will renew on Epik and if they do choose to sell it, hopefully do it on Epik.

I am quite sure that the general code of conduct at Epik falls comfortably under the "do unto others" category. The folks that assert otherwise almost certainly don't actually use Epik.
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Let me tell you my story.

If they already answered you their response should be something like your domain(s) were backordered by someone else and you may make an offer if you are interested in buying them back. While in fact they just warehouse the domains they like after 15 days of expiry and put them for sale.

Unless they got better, That's exactly how they treated a similar case with me previously.

See their policy:

"After the discretionary grace period the customer's domain is deleted from their account. In most cases, deleted domains may be recoverable for up to a total of 69 days after the expiration date. In the case, where the domain are still eligible to be recovered a restoration fee is assessed."

Guess what happened with one of my domain names after 15 days of expiry, They warehoused it and claimed that someone has placed a backorder on it and the backorder was fulfilled. In the other hand they tried to push me to make an offer as a solution to get the domain back. After that they turned to be lying and they just warehoused the domain and the owner himself confirmed it publicly. ( Said it was an internal backorder )

What should've been the normal process? As the backorder story was fake I should've been able to recover the domain according to their policy as the domain was still under their control and was just a little over 20 days after the expiration date.

As a pathetic try to save the situation the owner of Epik went against Epik policy, Took ownership of the domain while it should've been still recoverable, Decided to get it auctioned and planned what to do with the proceeds.

S/o Dynadot. One of the best registrars. No shady stories and no one will move the domain out of your account after expiration up to 40 days and even after that you may still have a chance to renew it.