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Started by curaqua, Oct 22, 2022, 02:34 AM

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Hey there,

I noticed that there have been some negative comments about on this platform due to their outdated features and limited capabilities. However, based on my personal experience, I actually believe that is an ideal website for selling domain names, particularly if you're seeking high-quality traffic and potential buyers.

Although Dan's design is impressive, it may be a bit too subtle for some. On the other hand, has proven to be a profitable platform for me, with the majority of my sales originating from their site.
What do you think about selling domain names on


Sedo's auctions are limited as they only feature exclusive premium domain names, or those that have already received an offer in the listing. Owners can choose to either sell the domain through a closed transaction or take their chances with an open auction.

All transactions on Sedo operate similar to an escrow service wherein the money goes from the buyer to Sedo and subsequently to the seller after the buyer receives the domain. Sedo ensures that there is no deception involved in their platform and no gray-user can sell someone else's or expired domains. Any attempt at fraud will result in account blocking and other disciplinary measures.

In summary, Sedo maintains a secure and straightforward process for their domain auctions while also ensuring that all parties involved are protected against fraudulent activities.


Recently on, I came across something that resembled advertising in the form of a listing priced at $30 and $9. I am curious to know what sort of benefits this listing entails and if it guarantees that the domain will be advertised on the first page.

Furthermore, I noticed that there is an inscription next to my domains that reads "Data from the previous 32 days." I wonder what this data entails and how it should be interpreted.

Lastly, I am curious if it is mandatory to park your domains on Sedo. If my project is functional, can I still sell it through Sedo without parking my domain?

In conclusion, Sedo provides various features and options for domain owners, and it's essential to understand each feature's benefits and drawbacks before utilizing them to achieve optimal results.


Despite some negative feedback regarding its outdated features, remains a prominent player in the domain name industry, offering a wide reach and potential for high-quality traffic and prospective buyers.

Leveraging the established user base and reputation of can provide valuable exposure for domain listings. While it's important to acknowledge the critiques regarding design, it's equally essential to recognize the platform's track record of facilitating profitable sales for many users.

In my experience, successful digital marketing often involves tapping into existing platforms with robust audience engagement, and fits this criterion. The key lies in optimizing your domain listings, utilizing targeted keywords, and engaging with potential buyers to maximize visibility and conversion potential.
While the criticisms of should be taken into consideration, the platform's proven ability to deliver results makes it a compelling option for domain sellers looking to connect with a broad and active audience. As with any digital marketing endeavor, strategic execution and adaptation to the platform's unique dynamics are crucial for achieving success in selling domain names on