DAN - Daily Hits / Lack of Sales

Started by RU-DIVING, Jun 30, 2022, 11:34 AM

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RU-DIVINGTopic starter

I'm receiving a steady stream of daily hits but no interest (and I wouldn't say my portfolio is that bad either!)
Maybe my pricing structure is way off or this is simply BOT traffic? My portfolio was previously set to Make Offer only but decided to switch it to BIN to encourage/attract sales but still nothing?

Interested to know if anyone else is having the same experience?


I had terrible results with them for whatever the reason. Tried everything, bin, make offer, etc including LTO. And it's definitely not prices. If anything, my prices are almost always on the lower side, or perhaps often half of what others would price. I'm a discount domainer; have a lot of volume and this pricing level works best for me..

Afternic, on the other hand, sells everything for me.

Notably, I did use Sedo in the past and even had landers with them = zero results as well.

One last comment: I use the NS5/NS6 Afternic lander and BIN pricing and it definitely made the difference for me. Once I introduced it it basically grew my sales with 40% or so.

Later edit: NASDAQ is down by 31% this year. That's what happening. We have to get our boats through these rough seas, and it will take time. Years, if you ask me.

Also lowering domain prices significantly will not, in my experience, compensate for any sales, but rather the contrary. Makes the buyers believe your domains suck and lowers the conversion rate. (note, I tried all this as well; the best prices are still the old prices).


MediaOptions today announced a partnership with DAN.COM , a blockchain-based domain automation network providing brokerage services to clients listing domain names on DAN.COM platform. The partnership combines DAN.COM MediaOptions is a platform with domain brokerage services to significantly increase conversions and sales for owners of participating domain portfolios.

"DAN.COM It is a leader in domain name transactions, which makes the change of control and ownership of digital brands easy, secure and instant. The demand for affordable Domains continues to grow, but the domain market is not able to organize effectively and keep up with the growing demand. DAN.COM .
The goal is to close that gap using blockchain technology for better automation and optimization of escrow processes, as well as to introduce new models for buying and using domains in a scalable and frictionless way.  The ultimate goal is to make domain transactions more flexible and secure, giving buyers and sellers more options and opportunities than ever before."

"Our partnership provides DAN.COM customers with greater returns when democratizing access to MediaOptions, which is the number one domain brokerage firm in the world," said Reza Sardeha, CEO and founder of the company DAN.COM . "We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most advanced domain name transaction platform in the world, including the integration of services from reliable and respected partners such as MediaOptions."
"With 9 million domain names listed on its platform, DAN.COM regularly fills in a significant number of broker requests. As part of that new partnership, MediaOptions will process these requests and convert them into successful transactions.
MediaOptions will manage the mediation of these sales, while escrow, payment and related domain name transfers will be carried out on DAN.COM platform-providing buyers and sellers with an unprecedented combination of platform functions and brokerage capabilities."

"I was a big fan DAN.COM for years to come. They are constantly innovating in the domain name space and have created an impressive and highly functional platform," said Andrew Rosener, CEO and founder of MediaOptions. "At the same time, we continue to make progress in the development of our business and find effective ways to bring our best-of-its-kind services to more customers.
Our partnership with DAN.COM that will allow us to continue that growth, significantly increase our lead flow and bring our Domains as a Service model to more customers - all while working with one of the most technologically forward-thinking companies in the industry."