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Started by lirik, Jun 22, 2022, 10:34 AM

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lirikTopic starter

Hi, I noticed my domains at Dan.com don't get alot of monthly views or visit. Please, what should I do to enhance visibility? Thanks for sharing!


You can try to list them on brandable marketplaces like BrandBucket or SquadHelp, but at the end of the day what drives traffic is the quality of the domain in itself


I tried to sell some great domains on Dan.com. Not a single sale in 3 years!
They (dan.com) are cheating.

Never do business with them. They came up with rules that only benefit them. And domain sellers will always be to blame.
They send messages with requests, offering domains that no one needs and that do not belong to them.
This is a joke
Stay away from scammers.