DAN - Daily Hits / Lack of Sales

Started by autorenta, Jul 01, 2022, 06:11 AM

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autorentaTopic starter

I'm receiving a steady stream of daily hits but no interest (and I wouldn't say my portfolio is that bad either!)
Maybe my pricing structure is way off or this is simply BOT traffic?
My portfolio was previously set to Make Offer only but decided to switch it to BIN to encourage/attract sales but still nothing?

Interested to know if anyone else is having the same experience?


I had terrible results with them for whatever the reason. Tried everything, bin, make offer, etc including LTO. And it's definitely not prices. If anything, my prices are almost always on the lower side, or perhaps often half of what others would price. I'm a discount domainer; have a lot of volume and this pricing level works best for me..

Afternic, on the other hand, sells everything for me.

Notably, I did use Sedo in the past and even had landers with them = zero results as well.

One last comment: I use the NS5/NS6 Afternic lander and BIN pricing and it definitely made the difference for me. Once I introduced it it basically grew my sales with 40% or so.

NASDAQ is down by 31% this year. That's what happening. We have to get our boats through these rough seas, and it will take time. Years, if you ask me.

Also lowering domain prices significantly will not, in my experience, compensate for any sales, but rather the contrary. Makes the buyers believe your domains suck and lowers the conversion rate. (note, I tried all this as well; the best prices are still the old prices).

Donna D. Phillips

GoDaddy Company announced the acquisition of a domain trading platform Dan.com . This was announced on June, 2022 by the Coordination Center of the National Internet Domain (CC). The terms of the transaction were not disclosed, but the event has already caused a very violent reaction among domain business professionals.

And that reaction is mostly negative. First of all, experts note that the current deal is another step towards the consolidation and monopolization of the market. And monopolization, by definition, is detrimental to competition. Domain investors have a more specific reason for dissatisfaction: the platform Dan.com attracted them with a low commission – about 9% of the transaction amount.
On GoDaddy web sites, the commission is about 20%, and there is no reason to think that for Dan.com an exception will be made, the Domain Gang resource states, reporting that news. In addition, the earlier guide Dan.com announced plans to create its own registration service – also with very favorable conditions for registrants. Now these plans will almost certainly have to be forgotten.