enom/namejet domain auction

Started by halley_pham, Sep 12, 2022, 03:58 AM

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halley_phamTopic starter

There is one domain in .com registrar for which acts enom.com
The domain was not renewed (now in clientTransferProhibited), then it was transferred to their namejet auction.
I made a bind (the system writes that this is the second one) and I'm waiting... support for all questions sends to the whois or stupidly freezes
1) Other than through an auction, there are no more ways to buy a domain name?
2) when will the auction start?
3) can I try to "pull" this domain through other auctions or will it only create a stir that will cause a price increase?
4) What is the auction procedure at namejet ??

I have never worked with namejet before..
I made a bet on a certain domain name. It's hanging out in "My Backorders" and I'm interested in when the real-time auction will start.


if the domain name has been extended, then there is nothing you can do, but only buy the domain from the owner, it is useless to soar support, the domain does not belong to them, and they cannot put it up for auction because someone really wants it..

in my opinion, the reasoning about dates and numbers here on the forum is meaningless, unless you light up the domain name, because there is no way to check whether you are taking the right numbers, or maybe you are wrong somewhere.
If the status is "Wish List", and the domain is enom, then that can only mean the following:
1. The auction has already passed
2. There will be no auction (domain extended)

The domain now belongs to Enom, for which there may be something, are in the status of "Pre-Release" and there are also 2 options below:

1. I have already got to auk and it will start soon
2. In the process


On October 30, I did not have time to renew the Domain *****.com from my Hosting provider and now its status is on whois
- Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.enom.com
Registrar URL: http://www.enom.com


1) If I enter your Domain *****.com in the site Search http://www.enom.com - can they consider it as an expression of interest - and extend the auction period or raise the price?

2) Where is the link to the list of Domains of this auction at all?

3) Where are the rules and terms of this auction in general? Or, as my Hosting provider said: they have no rules, usually 1-2 months after the incident, 45 days of non-payment.