GoDaddy Domain name Ownership Verification

Started by lincolnmarry, Dec 02, 2022, 06:44 AM

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lincolnmarryTopic starter

As expected, after I placed the domain name on GoDaddy auctions (registered at Uniregistry), GoDaddy sent me an email asking me to provide my personal TXT record.
where is this thing I don't have a domain on GoDaddy, and when I log in, I filter out unpleasant things. I have never come across this section: The Domain name Ownership Confirmation section.

Can they be more vague?


then add the TXT record to your domain names DNS at uniregistry


If you have GoDaddy domain protection, you need to confirm your identity by entering a code.
If you have two-step authentication enabled, just check your mailbox.
If you don't have two-step authentication, request a code by clicking "Send Password"

The other party will receive an email. about changing the account. Make sure that the domain is accepted within 10 days of receiving the notification.
If you decide not to copy contact information during the transfer process, you will have to wait for a new email. Changes made to the contact information will need to be approved manually.